Okay, so now you’re engaged and it’s time to pick the best wedding DJ in Southern Oregon. You want someone that won’t break the bank but provides the intricate details you “have to have.” You’re looking for someone that will be structured but fun. You’ve been told you should have someone flexible enough to take requests but firm enough to stick to your style. No matter what you’re looking for, you want someone that fits your vibe.

The best place to start in your selection is with some basic questions that you can take care of over the phone or even email. This will weed out the inexperienced hobbyists. Here are my top six questions to quickly know what you’re dealing with:

1. How long have you been DJing weddings?
This will give you an indication as to their history in dealing with elegant atmospheres and the party crowds.

2. Do you have a lapel mic for the officiant?
The last thing a photographer wants to shoot around is a mic stand. Even a handheld mic can be tough to work with when the offiicant has notes or an iPad they are also trying to hold.

3. Do you have a second system for the ceremony that will be in a separate location?
I hate to see any DJ hauling their gear around in the midst of cocktail hour. Having a system pre-set in both locations allows for a seamless music transition.

4. Do you have backup equipment if something were to happen the day of the wedding (ie. Extra speakers, microphones, laptop with music, etc)
A DJ’s equipment is all intricate electronics. I think we’ve all had some (if not many) electronics fail us unexpectedly at some point. For that reason, it is important to make sure one of the individual or company who is responsible for creating the soundtrack to one of the most special days is prepared.

5. Do you plan to set up any sort of promotional items such as banners?
I’ve attended a wedding in this classy outdoor setting where the DJ had an 8’ x 4’ banner hanging behind them and then proceeded to hand out business cards to all the guests during dinner. Not classy.

6. Are you insured?
Not all venues require this but it is nice to know if your DJ company is investing in the health and longevity of their own business and ultimately, the service they deliver to you.

Of course, you’ll have many more questions that cater to you specifically but I find that these are popular details that can get overlooked.  Be sure to do your homework and then get to know your potential wedding DJ in person before booking.

Good luck!

Ask Your Wedding DJ – Top 6 Questions