Wedding DJ Gear – How Important Is It?

I realize it’s not a question that comes up too much when brides in Southern Oregon are interviewing me as a DJ for their wedding, but getting an idea of the gear a DJ runs can be valuable in your decision-making process. Comparing DJs might be like comparing a Hyundai to a Mercedes. Learning about the upper-end, middle, and lower-end caliber of DJ and the type of gear they use can be very valuable when it comes to your big day.

medford oregon wedding dj gearYou are likely going to need a Wedding DJ that will be able to accommodate announcements throughout the event. Does the DJ have a wireless handheld mic to make those announcements from different areas if need be? More importantly, do they have that wireless mic for toasts that don’t require them to be right next to the DJ’s table.

Find out if the mobile wedding DJ has dance lighting. Next, what does it look like? Ask to see pictures of their setup. You want fun, interactive lighting but not the overboard strobes and strands leftover from Halloween. The last thing you want is to have a scrubby, make-shift DJ stand out in a negative way at your classy wedding.

While the bride and groom don’t have to get into the technical details of what specific microphones or speakers are being used, you can get a sense for the caliber of DJ based on experience and feel.

When DJing wedding events in the Medford, Oregon and surrounding area, I make sure to use gear that makes me feel confident from event to event. I use a headset microphone for the officiant that I don’t have to worry about dropping a signal. I use speakers that have great clarity and quality range. I bring backups of pretty much everything from mics, to speakers… even computers. Let’s be honest, it stores the music and I don’t want to stress if anything happens.

I can’t stress enough that the gear doesn’t make a quality DJ. A bad DJ with top gear is still a bad DJ. A good DJ with sub-par gear will still know how to work a crowd and understand the flow of the event well. Finding the a DJ that knows what their doing and has quality gear will make for a smoother, better sounding event.

Choosing a Wedding Mobile DJ – Southern Oregon

southern oregon wedding mobile djPlanning a wedding may get chaotic, but the key is to stay calm and get organized. If you don’t have a full wedding planner to assist you through the process, don’t stress. You can do it. Let’s look at a few basic Wedding Mobile DJ Checklist items to think about regarding your wedding day in Southern Oregon or the surrounding area.

The DJ plays an instrumental role in the organization of the day as they have the microphone and should keep things flowing for you and your guests.


Background – Wedding DJ

How long have they been DJing weddings and other events in Southern Oregon?

Do they have the experience that you are going to feel confident in?

Are you able to contact the last couple they performed their wedding DJ services for?

What sort of advertisement do you do at weddings? – They shouldn’t advertise at all but putting some business cards out on the their table might be acceptable. It’s not a wedding expo – don’t allow banners or announcements!

What is the backup plan if they can’t make it?

Are there any other services the DJ can offer or assist with (uplighting, dance floor, photo booth, wedding video, audio recordings of vows or toasts, etc)


Music – Wedding DJ

How does the DJ keep their music library up to date? How do they obtain their music?

Do they have specific dances or ceremony song ideas or suggestions?

How does the DJ get the crowd motivated to dance?

Do they allow requests?

Are you able to submit a do-not-play list if necessary?


Equipment – Wedding DJ

Does the mobile DJ have two systems? – Often times you are going to have a ceremony in a different location than the reception and you don’t want them to have to break the system down completely and relocate it during the event and cause a major break in the music action.

What wireless microphones do they have for the ceremony? – Don’t settle for a handheld mic for everyone. It’s a lot for the wedding officiant to mess with and maintain their notes too.

Is there any dance lighting included?

Do they have DJ backup equipment (speakers, music source, mics, etc) if something unforeseen happens?


Pricing – Wedding DJ

What all is included in the price they quoted you?

What does the mobile DJ contract look like?

Do they charge for setup and breakdown?

Do they have a travel charge for your specific wedding or event location?

What is the deposit to hold the date?

What is the cancellation policy?


Other – Wedding DJ

Are they insured?

What additional information do you need prior to the event day?


Make sure you have a wedding mobile DJ you can depend on and feel good about. Don’t settle for a crazy low-ball rate unless you know for a fact what you’re getting from it. I know my first year DJing weddings I charged less than half of what I do now but I also barely had a clue as to what I was doing.

Ultimately, don’t take choosing a wedding DJ lightly. You want your reception to be remembered by all your guests as an amazing time.

Now Offering Wedding Videoography

Weddings can definitely be tough to pencil the budget after all is said and done. How much will the venue cost? How many people do we need to feed? How exotic should our flowers be? It all easily adds up.

Now you can add multiple services at a fraction of the cost. I am now offering videography services partnered with my long-standing DJ services in the Medford and Southern Oregon area. As a wedding and event DJ of more than ten years I am now incorporating a service option that will capture even more of your big day in the most meaningful, creative, and emotional way. Your investment in wedding cinematography will allow you to record the highlights of your wedding day. Share them with friends and family and relive those special moments as many times as you have time for.

A videographer for the wedding doesn’t always make the vendor cut. With this easy, cost effective add-on, the decision becomes much more simple. When you book Templeton Productions as your wedding DJ you’ll receive a video package option at a discount.

You’ll get the a highlight reel that the cell phone cameras just won’t be able to capture.

As the DJ, I’ve enjoyed getting the opportunity to act as the guy that gets to be involved in just about every detail of the ceremony and reception. Now I am able to document each of these memories to be valued for the rest of your lives.

See More Video Samples

Ask Your Wedding DJ – Top 6 Questions

Okay, so now you’re engaged and it’s time to pick the best wedding DJ in Southern Oregon. You want someone that won’t break the bank but provides the intricate details you “have to have.” You’re looking for someone that will be structured but fun. You’ve been told you should have someone flexible enough to take requests but firm enough to stick to your style. No matter what you’re looking for, you want someone that fits your vibe.

The best place to start in your selection is with some basic questions that you can take care of over the phone or even email. This will weed out the inexperienced hobbyists. Here are my top six questions to quickly know what you’re dealing with:

1. How long have you been DJing weddings?
This will give you an indication as to their history in dealing with elegant atmospheres and the party crowds.

2. Do you have a lapel mic for the officiant?
The last thing a photographer wants to shoot around is a mic stand. Even a handheld mic can be tough to work with when the offiicant has notes or an iPad they are also trying to hold.

3. Do you have a second system for the ceremony that will be in a separate location?
I hate to see any DJ hauling their gear around in the midst of cocktail hour. Having a system pre-set in both locations allows for a seamless music transition.

4. Do you have backup equipment if something were to happen the day of the wedding (ie. Extra speakers, microphones, laptop with music, etc)
A DJ’s equipment is all intricate electronics. I think we’ve all had some (if not many) electronics fail us unexpectedly at some point. For that reason, it is important to make sure one of the individual or company who is responsible for creating the soundtrack to one of the most special days is prepared.

5. Do you plan to set up any sort of promotional items such as banners?
I’ve attended a wedding in this classy outdoor setting where the DJ had an 8’ x 4’ banner hanging behind them and then proceeded to hand out business cards to all the guests during dinner. Not classy.

6. Are you insured?
Not all venues require this but it is nice to know if your DJ company is investing in the health and longevity of their own business and ultimately, the service they deliver to you.

Of course, you’ll have many more questions that cater to you specifically but I find that these are popular details that can get overlooked.  Be sure to do your homework and then get to know your potential wedding DJ in person before booking.

Good luck!